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Meet the Team...


Founder of Harmony Taiso. While in graduate school, Yuki studied physiological psychology, and worked for a company repairing tradi- tional Japanese sliding doors. Through doing this he became familiar with traditional Japanese culture and teaching styles. In 2003 he trav- elled to the European Union to train to become a Feldenkrais practi- tioner. During this time he also lived in Thailand. Upon returning home to Tokyo he explored new ways of using what he had learned, gather- ing together a variety of people, to enable his students to reach their full potential in their chosen activity. He believes the Ninja Anatomy Skeletal model will become and invaluable tool for body workers.

Ninja Anatomy Company Founder

Konrad Yuki Hutter


President of Manaorapure Co.Ltd and former Japan Airlines pilot. After taking early retirement he has studied MindMapping, Hypnotherapy and Harmony Taiso. He currently uses a variety of techniques, teaching Pi- lots how to learn at Japan Air lines and Japan Aircraft Pilot Association. He is a keen windsurfing enthusiast, his hobby of 30 years. This activity gives him the same sensation as flying. He is passionate about making the best functional skeletal model in the world.

Skeleton Research and Development

Kazuhiko Ono


Works in day care for the elderly and is a Harmony Taiso instructor, and pre- viously worked for Quicksilver Japan. He manages a website, “Studio Drift”, a nursing facility consultancy, and “Karagodakoro”, a ferent body work methods and practitioners.


Kazuki Watanabe


Tokyo based mould design and manufacturing compa- ny. Japan’s premier plastic mould manufacturing com- pany. they have the technology and creativity to re- spond to any challenge,and are helping Ninja Anatomy move towards complete creation of the skeleton from
start to finish.

Shuto Seiko Ltd.

Tadatoshi Shibata


Vanessa, whose background is in dance, uses her Ninja Anatomy skeleton every day in teaching Pilates and Feldenkrais to mem- bers of the public, dance students, civil servants and musicians. She loves being a part of the project and wants to help spread the word about Ninja Anatomy.

EU Representative

Vanessa Smith


Hiroshi is well known as an illustrator and science writer. His series of anatomy books are one of the most popular ones in Japan. His books are "Hone-tan""Niku-tan" and so on. 

Data production

Hiroshi Harashima


Shin-ichi is a professor of Gunma University.

Department of Environmental Engineering Science

Shin'ichi Kuroda

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