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The mobile skeleton

designed by body workers

-Ninja Anatomy-

The torso moves freely, with scapula which glide over the ribs. The ribcage is so mobile you can easily show the movement of breathing, and the spine bends and twists.


There is no model skeleton comparable, anywhere in the world in this, the 21st century.

For anyone involved in bodywork, this will become an invaluable tool. For a comparison with traditional models, please refer to the table below.

Traditionally model skeletons have been produced for the medical market, and therefore no value was placed on the mobility of the model.

This project began with one bodyworker’s imagination…”how would it be if we could move the shoulder blades of the skeleton model?”. Then, through interviews with more than 100 body work practitioners the current model was developed.

Whatever your particular method this product will facilitate your clients’ understanding of movement, and so will become a tool for changing their body image.


As with musicians’ instruments, surfers’ surfboards, cooks’ knives and as with a car or a bike, maintenance will be required.


The skeleton comes with a one year warranty*


After care covers 5 features: the flexible spine, shoulder girdle, ribcage, sacroiliac joint and hip joint.


*We will repair these features free for 1 year, but shipping is charged for repairs.

PRICE US$1,738-

+shipping fee from Japan


N.B. Payment can be made by installment


Payment methods: Paypal, or bank transfer


To purchase please fill out the form, or contact us by email or telephone

Contact Us


Phone: +44 (0)7968729132

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-Ninja Anatomy UK-

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